Discover Crete

Welcome to Crete, the largest, most captivating, historic island of Greece! A rugged island of craggy mountains and deep, green valleys studded with millions of olive trees, situated in the Mediterranean midway between Greece and Africa, the Middle East and Italy.

Why over 2 million visitors per year arrive to discover Crete:

Crete may be an island, but it’s not an ordinary one. It is 260Km long and 60Km wide and dominated by four mountain ranges. The Ida Massif, rising to a height of 2,456 m, is at its center. Because of the island’s strategic geographical location, Crete has been the focus of heavy contention throughout history. Dorian, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Venetian and Turkish conquerors have all left their marks on the island – without, however, subduing the proud and pleasure-loving Cretans.

On May 15th 2017, riders from all over the world will come together for the second edition of “The Tour of Crete” cyclosportive to challenge themselves in this unique odyssey of distance, geography, climate and culture of Crete. The island warmly welcomes riders of all levels ranging from semi-professional cyclists looking for an ideal training opportunity, regional amateur champions, cycling lovers who love endurance group rides, but also beginners who want to step up to the challenge and discover Crete on two wheels, village by village,  stage by stage.

The Tour consists of 6 individual stages , in which every peloton will be challenged as they visit captivating gorges, ride up massive mountains and flow through cascading valleys. There, all riders will have the opportunity to take in the magnificent showcase of Crete and pack their baggages full of memorable experiences to come home with.

In the Tour of Crete, on May 15th 2017. Be there!

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